Monday, June 1, 2009

More on Bethany and Michael, New Wedding

Bethany and Michael's wedding is coming along. We have mostly decided that we are going with Tomorrow's Memories photography. They are great and I already have a connection with them as they are shooting the wedding in June that I am in. I just need to get and send the deposit. Bethany has decided that she wants to do party trays from Publix(or somewhere like that) for food instead of an expensive caterer. She has also decided what she wants to do for her bouquets. Here are some examples:

I really like the stargazer lilies, but we do not know if we are going to get real or fake. I have already contacted Raintree Florist and I have an appointment with Accents with Love in Smyrna on June 6th, this Saturday. We have been looking at more invitations and seals for their wine glass party favors. I also went to Stewart's today to price rentals, as well as looking on the Internet at other stores. I think Stewart's may be the way to go because their tents are cheaper. Grand Events have cheaper tables though and this may save us more in the long run. We still need to figure out a music option for the wedding. I am really excited about how much everything is coming together!

Today I booked a new wedding! It is on October 10 and the bride's name is Dani. I will just be coordinating the ceremony and present the day of, but I still feel special to be part of their day. I will mainly be setting up centerpieces, helping with etiquette, etc. I love being in this business!

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