Friday, February 19, 2010

Dani and Nick

Dani and Nick's wedding was October 10 but I am very slow to update. They had a beautiful wedding with a major color theme of a raspberry red color. Their wedding theme was country and it turned out very well. The centerpieces were mason jars with river rocks and tubs with beer. They had homemade wine and Vittles catered. My favorite unique part of the reception was the seating chart. Dani labeled a river rock with each family/guest and labeled the tables according to the river rocks. The guests looked at their rock to see the letter of their table. It was very cute and everyone enjoyed it. Below are some pictures of the set-up before the guests arrived.

Table with mason jar centerpiece

Guests' river rocks

Mason jar centerpiece
up close
I have taken a little time off since October and am planning a wedding in June at Center Hill Lake for 250, which has taken up a good deal of my time. Will post about other upcoming events later.

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